Softgels in a wide variety of shapes, colours and fill weights

Softgels by Lambo are manufactured according to two different production methods, resulting in a variety of shapes, colours and fill weights.

Capsule Seamless
Capsule Twist Off
Capsule Oval
Capsule Oblong

Rotary die softgels

Rotary die machines produce softgels by way of the form-fill-seal process. The resulting softgels are one-piece, hermetically sealed capsules, available in all possible shapes and colours, filled with a wide variety of materials and a fill weight from 100 to 1500 mg. 100% bio-organic certified softgels (Certisys BE-BIO-01) are one of our latest innovations.

Globex seamless softgels

Globex encapsulation machines produce round, seamless softgel pearls by way of the natural drop formation process with an excellent shell clarity. The Globex softgels can be filled with most vegetable oils, essential oils and fish oils with a fill weight range from 100 to 300 mg.

"Consumers prefer soft gels because they are very easy to swallow and have a neutral flavour and taste."

Different kinds of softgels


The benefits of soft gelatin capsules

Softgels are formed, filled and sealed in one single operation. The result is a one-piece hermetically sealed gelatin capsule with an extremely long shelf life.

Softgels are the most preferred and advanced oral dosage form available. Consumers prefer soft gelatin capsules to other solid dosage forms.

7 reasons for choosing Lambo

Lambo Laboraties is the preferred partner of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies throughout the world. Our main assets are:

  1. Soft gelatin capsules of superior quality, in compliance with all prevailing global standards

  2. Outstanding flexibility, thanks to our full control over the manufacturing and logistic process

  3. Short delivery times: easy shipping from our base in Antwerp

  4. Tailor-made softgels, based on the customer's own formulations and/or active ingredients

  5. Low volume production runs

  6. Innovative products through constant market research and development

  7. Full reliability : a fully controlled family company with over 150 years of experience



Soft gelatin capsule benefits:

  • Excellent dosage precision and uniformity
  • Enhanced stability and long shelf life: minimal degrading of the active ingredients, minimal influence of light and oxygen
  • Bio - Organic certification for several ingredients
  • Unique shapes, sizes and forms
  • Easy to swallow
  • Neutral flavour and taste
  • Wide range of ingredients