Formulation and services


Lambo’s core business is the encapsulation of customer-based formulas. In this process, customers can supply either the premixed filler content or only the active ingredients. For both cases, Lambo will make a proposition for filler oils, shell composition and colour.

Standard list

Lambo commercialises about 70 own softgel formulations, which are in available in small quantities. Please contact us to receive the latest Lambo standard list.

Softgel formulations

Almost all ingredients can be encapsulated into softgels. Food supplements such as omega 3 fish oils and vegetable oils are the best known. In recent years, Lambo has produced more and more soft gels containing blends of oils with vitamins, minerals, dry herbal extracts and other ingredients such as co-enzym Q10 and glucosamine.

Our customers can supply either the premixed filler content or only the active ingredients.



Complete softgel solutions:

Lambo’s core business is the encapsulation of softgel formulations. But our services go far beyond that. Our full service proposal includes:

  • Formulation development
  • Trial encapsulation and test runs
  • Legal advice concerning standards, specifications and registrations of formulations
  • Stability tests
  • Research and development
  • Bottle packaging and blistering

7 reasons for choosing Lambo

Lambo Laboraties is the preferred partner of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies throughout the world. Our main assets are:

  1. Soft gelatin capsules of superior quality, in compliance with all prevailing global standards

  2. Outstanding flexibility, thanks to our full control over the manufacturing and logistic process

  3. Short delivery times: easy shipping from our base in Antwerp

  4. Tailor-made softgels, based on the customer's own formulations and/or active ingredients

  5. Low volume production runs

  6. Innovative products through constant market research and development

  7. Full reliability : a fully controlled family company with over 150 years of experience